Giant Squid Films

Tell your stories right the first time. Bring your film, television or digital media project to us and we’ll take care of it from concept development, straight through to editing and distribution.

With our feet firmly planted in the humbling beginnings of TV sets and production, we have worked our way through all major genres, sectors and industries. Our sophisticated techniques, advanced equipment and top-notch technology helps create the finest quality content that brings your story to life. We’re based in Pretoria, Gauteng but we travel across the country and abroad to deliver exactly what you need.

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Our Services

Behind every audio-visual project lies a variety of skilled professionals from various departments who join forces to provide collaborative creative services. To complete such a coherent and comprehensive package, we’ve set a running structure in place that gives you a transparent look into our way of work – from concept straight through to production and distribution.

Let’s get together to brainstorm your story and formulate the best approach.


Next we jump into scriptwriting, pre-visualisation, sourcing, budget planning and scheduling.


With the full cast and crew on location, we’re ready for action. Let the filming and recording begin!


  We’ll start a complete editing process to bring your story together, including tailored audio-visual material.


Once we’re done and you’re completely satisfied, we also offer delivery and marketing as a final phase.

The way we work is based on a three-tier system of experience, expertise and equipment. With these three in hand, we can deliver any project-specific services you need.

We work with all sectors and industries from corporate, government and education to lifestyle, events and entertainment.


We have an extented network of skilled personnel for any major department, including production, directing, writing, camera, editing and sound.


We deliver only high-quality video and sound, crafted around a unique set of specialised tools that will tell your story right, down to every sound and pixel.

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